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Your Tiny House


YOU are one rural Lady!

You take sustainability seriously and want to lessen your footprint while creating a life you love! 

You are not afraid of getting involved in big projects for a good purpose. You imagine yourself having an abundant garden and being surrounded by the great outdoors. You love the idea of providing for your family with your own land and living off the grid. You have no problem minimizing your lifestyle for a smaller, more functional home that you OWN! 


The opportunity to design and be a part of building your dream home is beyond exciting and you have no problem with the time it takes to do it right. You want to find ways to go low waste, even while growing your family! 


You may be thinking: I’ve never lived off the grid, does that mean no Wifi or cell phones? Am I going to the bathroom outside?


You can live a pretty normal life, but still be off-grid! It doesn’t mean you have to revert to the caveman days where you hunt and gather all your food and make your own clothing… unless you want to! If the regulations in your area require you to live off the grid, see it as an invitation to partner with nature and to be more aware of waste, water use, and electrical use. It’s a deeply connected lifestyle. But it doesn’t need to take over your life! 

I’m here to tell you that no matter your lifestyle, there is a Tiny Home perfect for you! Three years ago, my husband and I decided to build our home to avoid the high price tags of houses on Maui and let me tell you, it has been an awesome experience. 


Not only did we get to design it just the way we wanted, but we also added lots of square footage by building a deck with more space to host friends. We also added a baby to the mix, which really challenged us to be very practical with storage and space. 


If you’re wondering if Tiny Living is for you then I’m sure you have lots of questions about how to get started and if it would work for YOU. I’d love to share an amazing resource I’ve created just for you!

Hi, I’m Zeena!


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