How long have you lived in the Tiny House?

We officially moved in January 2017, Yay!

Where is your house parked?

We rent less than .25 acres of pasture land from a family friend on Maui.

Who built your house?

We did! My husband comes from a family of carpenters so we put all his skills to the test. My father in-law(our master carpenter) was very involved in the project as well.

Do you need special building permits for Tiny Houses?

Each State is different, but here in Hawaii all you need to do is register your trailer with the Department of Motor Vehicles. There are some "regulations and requirements" but nothing compared to the standard building process of a full-sized house.

What does off-grid mean?

We are not connected to county supplied utilities like power, water or sewer. We have PV and battery storage for electricity, a water catchment tank for all our water needs and a composting toilet.

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