Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Designing anything from scratch can be extremely hard because there are endless options. Options which at first can be overwhelming.

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When my husband and I finally found time to sit down with his sister (who has experience drawing plans) I was convinced that our first attempt at laying down our ideas would result in our dream floor plan. Not so, unfortunately! It took us several meetings and hours of attempting to get everything we needed to fit into our space comfortably and functionally.

Two major components of the design stage that I didn't realize were necessary at our initial meeting was the dimensions of all our appliances/accessories (i.e. fridge, range, sink, toilet, washer/dryer, vanity, shower, couch, desk, dressers, staircase, windows, etc) to properly lay out our space. This is especially important, because in a Tiny House everything is smaller than standard. Once my husband and I collected all the dimensions of our "big items", we needed to determine the room sizes and ceiling heights.

Keep in mind that during our hours of drawing out our floor plans we continued to revisit our initial design wants.

  • Open floor plan

  • Lots of natural light

  • Functionality and flow



We chose full lite (no grids in the glass) french doors as our front door. This creates a five foot opening( when both doors are open), connecting the outdoor and indoor space to feel as one. This opening was so helpful with moving our couch and bed into the house.


We strategically designed our house to have the highest ceilings when you first enter the home. This instantly shatters the small feeling you expect in a tiny house. We painted the interior white which adds such great contrast with our exposed beams and depth to the inside of our home.


As you walk through the french doors, we have our office area(now a baby room) which is built up on the deck of our gooseneck about 4' higher than the main floor. This loft area is flooded with natural light and gives the elusion of a large living room.

Galley Kitchen

Staying true to our design elements; flow and functionality, we created an open catwalk through the house. This split our kitchen in two, hence the galley style. We have our range/oven on one side and the sink and fridge on the other.

Bedroom Loft

Above our kitchen and bathroom we have our bedroom loft. The height in the

kitchen/bathroom is 6'3" and the height in our loft is 4'. Our loft is 11' deep, which is very spacious and comfortable. Our bedroom loft also has 270 degree views(natural light!) with our panorama windows.


We loaded our house with as many windows as we could, our final count is 10. Natural light is everything in a small space, so don't compromise on the windows! (We actually wish we had a few more;)

As you begin to furnish your finished home, keep your non negotiable at the forefront of your mind. Adding "things" into your already small space affects the feel.

Remember, this stage is crucial for your overall build. The more time you spend laying out all the details and really imagining the space your about to the create the less changes you'll have to make during your build.

Total Cost $ - This stage didn't cost us any money, just lots of time and energy.

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