A $5,000 Dollar Water Catchment System

Updated: May 11

My husband and I purchased and set up our water catchment system because Tiny Homes are not considered homes in the building department's eye, In Hawaii. Tiny homes do not meet the code requirements therefore we do not qualify for a permit to tie into water or electric utilities provided by the county.

We worked with Eco Products Maui, a local company to learn how to set up our catchment system and purchased water tank materials which comes by boat from the Big Island. Chris, the owner of the company wasn't apposed to us expressing our desire to only buy materials from his company and save the money on the labor to set up if we did the work ourselves. He shared insightful tips when preparing the site and walked me through potential difficulties we could face as first-time tank assemblers. One huge advantage of having a water catchment company set up your tank is the 1-year warranty that covers you. Once we set up our tank we noticed a leak in our lining...somewhere. How we "fixed"(still not sure it's completely fixed or just slowed down) it was by adding waterproof tape to the drain at the bottom of the tank which draws the water from our tank into our house.

The water tank materials from Eco Products Maui for our 12'x4' 3,000 gallon tank include:

4ea. sheets of steel

1ea. HDPE liner

1ea. premium mesh cover

1ea. 1.5" exit flange.

Total cost $2,157

To get our water catchment system completely set up and running we purchased additional items:

PVC pipes and fittings- Homedepot/Ace Hardware

Installed metal roofing- ABC Supply

15 tons of sand - HC&D

Installed gutters- Homedepot

Created a first flow system- Homedepot

Water pump- Rain Harvesting Supply's

3 Big Blue filter system- Eco Products Maui

Filters - Amazon

Pre-pressurized vertical tank- Homedepot

Nuts and bolts, and cord - Ace Hardware

Our Total System's cost was a little over $5,000. Our tankless water heater(from Homedepot) is not included in this cost. We added it into our appliance budget.

We currently live in a "dry" climate for sol water catchment. In the summer we usually have a potable water truck deliver water to our site which cost $250 for 3,000 gallons. With our physical water limits, we made sure to purchase high efficient fixtures and are very aware of water use in our home.

Following along on Instagram to learn more about our water system in operation. Check out my highlight on my profile for more information about our tiny home.

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