Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Our Tiny House story started sometime between February and March of 2014. My Husband and I were engaged and thought, "Why not start our life owning our own house!" The main problem with that idea was that we live on Maui. So, unless we were ready to cough up $500,000+ for a major fixer-upper, we were out of luck.

Sometime after that conversation, my fiancé brought up the idea of building our own Tiny House.

Looking back, I remember my response being for it, but my husband will say otherwise. He swears I was 100% against it until my older sister brought up the idea weeks later.

Regardless of where I stood. Going Tiny made the most sense. My Husband and I wanted to stay on Maui(where we both grew up) and most of all, we wanted our monthly "rent check" to go towards something we owed rather than going into the hands of a landlord.

With the excitement of being newly engaged and planning our wedding, we thought adding on the task of building/designing our own Tiny home would be manageable. Let me say, it was harder than we expected! Splitting our time between enjoying being engaged, planning a wedding and building a home required more sacrifice than we originally planned for. Weekends, every bit of daylight after work and nights were devoted to making our Tiny Home dream a reality.

With such a unique start to our new life together, we wanted to share our story.

During our designing and building stage we researched TONS of blogs to get insight on factors of our build we weren't familiar with. About half of the questions we had during our build were answered from sources online. We are sharing the answers to the other half and MORE because when you're a DIY-er every detail of the process matters.

Our greatest goal is to help you feel confident to design and build your very own cozy space.

Our building process started with a few advantages that some may not have but I'm blogging to give you your own!

Follow along if you want to maximize your living area and experience the freedom of doing more with less.

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